The laser scanning technology has been developing dynamically for several years. Our company, as one of the first full-spectrum users (terrestrial, mobile and airborne scanning) in Europe, still tries to follow the latest trends and set its own directions of development. Many years of experience enable us to optimize both data acquisition and processing.

Even before starting work on a given project, our clients can count on specialist advice on the work undertaken and the selection of the best method for their implementation. Appreciating the possibilities offered by the laser scanning technology, we never forget about the limitations it brings. Nevertheless, thanks to the extensive infrastructure, we can offer measurements, not only different in terms of the data acquisition ceiling, but also the technology itself (impulse, phase, infrared scanners, green scanners). The invaluable advantage of our studies is undoubtedly the fusion of all the collected data. Thanks to the precise combination of various technologies, we can obtain a complete picture of almost every existing facility