Accurate and fast measurement of linear objects enables us to use mobile scanning technology. We have a unique in the world hybrid mobile system that allows simultaneous measurement of the full space around a moving means of transport. Our scanners can scan in 2D (profile scanner) and in 3D (scanner in radar mode) at the same time. Thanks to this, the point cloud obtained by us is fully complementary. There are hardly any so-called “blind spots” and objects are scanned from all sides. Also during the stop.

Thanks to the use of the most modern scanners, we can measure precisely and quickly over a distance of several hundred meters. Top-class positioning systems allow us to perform measurements with even a few millimeters of accuracy in three XYZ dimensions. During the measurement, we synchronously acquire 360-degree panoramas that can be used as an independent material, or can be used to color the points cloud.

Due to the fact that our mobile systems are not permanently integrated with any means of transport, if necessary, we use them on land or on water. The need to adapt them in a completely new place is not a problem for us.