From the decks of our aviation platforms equipped with laser scanners, we can effectively carry out large-scale measurements. The recorded data is useful in the processes of spatial planning, environmental monitoring, or infrastructure investments.

We use solutions from leading manufacturers of measuring equipment and positioning systems, thanks to which we can obtain data not only quickly (1,330,000 measurements/second), but also with high accuracy (up to 10 mm). Moreover, the full-waveform technology used in our scanners enables the acquisition of an infinite amount of information. Full-waveform analysis is perfect for projects related to environmental protection and archaeology. The best results are obtained in wooded areas, where it becomes possible not only to reach the ground, but also to identify individual objects encountered by the emitted beam.

It is worth emphasizing that at the time of scanning, as the only ones in Poland, we can synchronously obtain large-format (450 Mpx), five-channel (R, G, B, NIR, Re) aerial photos. This factor is important not only for economic reasons, but also for implementation. By using our solution, the duration of projects is significantly reduced. Information is also obtained simultaneously from different sensors, which significantly increases the interpretative possibilities.